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How To: Image Watermark Filter

Orchard CMS has very impressive feature called "Orchard.MediaProcessing", which give us the ability to manibulate media files at runtime through predefined set of filter.

In this post, we will learn how to add a new filter which aims to add image or text watermark to site images

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How To: Add Custom "Dictionary Token"

We all definitely used the tokens feature of orchard before, which provide us a smart way to replace strings with custom data, orchard has the basic tokens built in out of the box (like: Content, Text, Url ... etc), with the ability to connect tokens in chains to be more useful and accessable, and to build more complex tokens.

In this post, we will take orchard tokens functonality to another level of dynamicity, by implementing new token called "Dictionary", to be able to support any type of objects, with dynamic chain building.

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